My Great Expectations for TEDxBristol 2015

by Ash Phillips

My Great Expectations for TEDxBristol 2015

My excitement for this years’ event is at an almost embarrassing level, with me bending the ear of everyone I know to attend, whether they’ve heard of TED talks before or not – though I’m not entirely sure how you could avoid being exposed to TED talks in one way or another. They are the most shared talks on the planet - watched every day by 1.5 million people. On 11th November, it’s Bristol’s turn and it’s all about our #GreatXpectations for the future.

TEDxBristol 2013 was all about Failure - an intriguing and brave theme, but delivered so well by the team and the speakers that took part. I certainly left the Colston Hall feeling more inclined to ‘go for it’ and less bothered about whether I fail or not!

So I ‘went for it’ - I got in touch with many of the speakers, most of whom have been able to give up even more of them time to speak at my organisation, YENA, to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders coming out of Bristol.

Heading up the marketing strategy for TEDx2015 is enjoyable and challenging at the same time. Because TED talks are all about ‘online’ shares I really want to get the social media right. With an aim of selling more tickets for the event than ever before, packing out the Colston Hall, delivering better value than any previous year, being lean and green in doing so and covering many TEDx firsts in the process is keeping us busy, that’s for sure.

I can’t say much right now but what I can (and should) say is be sure to follow the event announcements on Twitter @TEDxBristol and find us on Facebook too. This blog will be regularly updated, so stay tuned for speaker announcements, partner updates, team posts, campaigns to get involved with!

Gumption, the social media marketing agency I run with my business partner and incredible team in Frome, is delighted to be managing the social media strategy for TEDxBristol. We’ll be there on the day with our Gumption Live team to manage the engagement – so if you spot us, be sure to get in for a mini #TEDxBRS talk or selfie!

Ash Phillips is the Director of Gumption Agency - Marketing & Social Media Strategy Partners for TEDxBristol 2015.