TEDxBristol 2015: Prepare for Take-Off!

by Mel Rodrigues

TEDxBristol 2015: Prepare for Take-Off!

This moment has been a long time coming. It’s almost two years since TEDxBristol 2013 played to a sell-out audience at the Colston Hall - and almost a year since I took on the role as curator, with a mix of trepidation and delight at getting to pick Bristol’s finest and most inspiring speakers and unsung heroes.

And here we are, with a month to go, and a line up which I think really packs a punch. They are all talking about their ‘Great Expectations’ for the future - a theme we came up with on a cold February night, when, despite the inclement weather and grim news headlines, we just couldn’t shake Bristol’s sense of optimism and can-do spirit.

The world is probably divided into two sets of people - those who have watched TED talks and those who haven’t yet. It’s a bit like ‘fight club’ - once you know about it, everything changes.

Although sadly I don’t have Brad Pitt in this year’s line up, I can offer a bunch of home-grown ‘action’ heroes. ‘Action’ in the sense that these are our city and region’s ‘doers’. Our quiet inquisitors, intrepid trailblazers and unapologetic agitators. We’ve unearthed ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things to make our futures better than we dare dream.

The result is a really big melting pot of people who I believe represent what Bristol is all about: food, culture, innovation, creativity, family, integrity, independence, determination, philanthropy, positivity.

As you might know TEDx events are all non-profit and voluntary. So everyone involved in the production and behind the scenes is doing this for free, in their spare nanoseconds, because they love great ideas and want to support their community in sharing them.

So thank you to our brilliant production team, partners and sponsors - local people, businesses and organisations who have gone out of their way to support TEDxBristol 2015, determined to deliver a TEDx to make Bristol proud.

One of the most exciting things our partners have done is to help us achieve the most sustainable and polished TEDx to date, with some brilliant innovations such as a ‘paperless’ programme app from Rockpool Digital, a live edit hub run by Floating Harbour Films who will be mentoring students from Bath Spa University, and an ‘event space share’ initiative with Love The Future, who are making the communal spaces in the Colston Hall even more interesting and relevant for our delegates.

So from solar phone charging to reusable drink cups and led bike rides to get you here - we’re bringing that carbon count right down and expectations right up!

I love this city, and I love TED talks - so I’m delighted to be bringing the biggest ever, and greenest ever TEDx to Bristol this November, and I hope you can all join us.

Mel x