​#GreatXpectations for the city of ‘possibilities’

by Jane Evans

​#GreatXpectations for the city of ‘possibilities’

On a recent walk through the centre of Bristol to my hotel near St. Nick’s Market, it struck me how bustling, lively and full of energy it is as a city.

I was trying to nail what it felt like, and why I have always had such a fondness for Bristol.

It’s is a place I love to come to and, although I have yet to be fortunate enough to live here, I did attend Bristol University from 1996-1999 and have worked for SurviveDV and Wish for a Brighter Future in various parts of Bristol. It’s not surprising I feel very much at home here.

By the time I was checking in to my hotel, I discovered I was staying in a vintage, mini caravan on its rooftop!!!!

This was just one small, unexpected moment which made me realise it feels as if Bristol is buzzing with its sense of ‘possibilities’.

The most immediate proof was that someone had creatively managed to get three caravans on a roof right in the middle of its vibrant bar and restaurant area. Clearly most things must, therefore, ‘be possible’.

The fact the title and focus of the TEDxBristol Talk is ‘Great Xpectations’ seems a perfect fit with my experience of the possibilities of this great city, and most importantly the people who live in it.

While I was last working in Bristol with Wish For A Brighter Future (on a child to parent abuse project based in Hartcliffe), I came up with the idea of the ‘meerkat brain.’

The work I was doing at the time was challenging and it made me dig deep to give the young people and their parents the easiest and most accessible way to allow them to understand the crucial information about brain development.

My motivation was to enable them to see, and know themselves and others in a different way to help them fulfill the #GreatXpectations they clearly held for their futures.

On November 11th it will be my great privilege to share this simple model with everyone in the hope that by having a simple understanding of what to do when feeling anxious and stressed, and how to help children in the same emotional states, we can all enjoy the joys and challenges of childhood and face adulthood differently.

If you are interested in learning about ‘Taming and Tending Your Meerkat Brain’ make sure you join us on this day of #Greatxpectations in the city of ‘possibilities’ - Bristol.