Take Every Chance in Life, Because Some Things only Happen Once

by Kim Ingleby

Take Every Chance in Life, Because Some Things only Happen Once

I believe TED Talks offer some of the most diverse, interesting and thought provoking nuggets of inspiration and thought. They offer you a pause to reflect, refine and perhaps adapt your life. To have the courage to pursue your dream and make it your goal. They offer you an insight into thinking differently from all areas of life.

So when TEDxBristol GreatXpectations was announced in Bristol, I thought what an amazing title - and I booked my tickets. Then one meeting led to another, and I find myself actually in the speaker line up at 12 noon surrounded by excellence, interest and a robot. I will be blending my personal brain and body rollercoaster over the last few years, with a little formula to cope with adversity and be brave. This will blend Neuro Linguistic Programme and the latest personalised DNA fitness testing. My #GreatXpectation is being part of this brilliant day, and my intention is to spark a flame of excitement, courage and confidence within you, to change one thing as you start your next day.

I have been to several live TED Talks and listened to many online - there are so many good ones! I would love to know which TED Talk is your favourite, which sticks in your mind and why? Do tweet us @tedxbristol @kimingleby. If you are unsure, here’s a great summary of some of best ones to change your life.

I really look forward to meeting you all on 11th November 2015 for #GreatXpectations - sharing celebrations with Armistice Day, Diwali Festival of Light and a full moon…

‘Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud’ Maya Angelou