​Fashion Ideas Worth Spreading

by Victoria Whelan

​Fashion Ideas Worth Spreading

When we found out we were event space sharing with TEDxBristol, we started thinking about the similarities and differences Love The Future shares with TEDxBristol.

While we both organise events, they're pretty different at first glance. At Love The Future we put on events that focus on behaviour change in communities and make being green easy - from bike rides to workshops to festivals.

But we definitely share many of the same visions as TEDxBristol. We both love Bristol – it’s the inspiring innovation and the diversity and creativity of the people who live here that makes it so special. Plus, we both believe that this is the perfect place for big ideas to come to life and make a real change.

Our event, Love The Future of Fashion, will see ideas take the stage in the evening after TEDxBristol, but in a slightly different way. Rather than robots and personal stories, we'll have collections from international designers that challenge perceptions of how we consume fashion.

We'll be celebrating 'clothing with a conscience', and showing fashion that well and truly puts the love back into clothing. From rubber wedding dresses that are as beautiful as the real thing, to couture clothing made out of unwanted denim, you'll see the ordinary and discarded transformed into something truly beautiful.

We'll also have a variety of stalls all over Colston Hall throughout the day - so make sure you pop by to see what we've got on offer. From vintage fashion to Neal's Yard Remedies, upcycled clothes to ethical t-shirts, we reckon you'll find something right up your street.

Like TEDxBristol, we'll be putting new ways ideas in the spotlight, and celebrating the innovative and forward-thinking.

We hope you'll join us to unwind after the talks, see some gorgeous fashion and challenge yourself to think differently about the clothes you wear.

Find out more about Love The Future of Fashion here.