What TEDxBristol Taught Me

by Richard da Costa

What TEDxBristol Taught Me

TEDxBristol set the bar ambitiously high - but it was clear from the reactions of audience that the event was a massive success. Soaking that up first hand, I didn't need to know we were the 7th UK top trend on Twitter to realise it was a pretty unique event. Producing full multi-camera coverage of a 7 hour show that fills an 1800 seat theatre would be a challenge at the best of times. Add to the mix limited budget and resources and the task is daunting, to say the least.

So what did I learn from running the filming for TEDxBristol?

Well, not a lot from the talks... With the stage production comms ring in one ear and the camera team and data station in the other, I was lucky to catch every 10th word of the 14 talks - brilliant and inspiring, as I know I will discover them to be when we finish the edit :)

What I did learn was what a powerful thing the passion, enthusiasm, energy, skill and talent of a large group of people can be. If enough people work together and want something to happen really well - amazing things are possible. The truth is we were a fairly eclectic mix of individuals and organisations. Thinking about what made the event work comes down to the qualities of the individuals involved.

At the risk of unintentionally starting a mutual admiration society - it's worth thinking about what the ingredients that helped pull it together were. Massive thanks therefore from the Floating Harbour team to Bath Spa University students and their lecturers, without a minibus full of whom the filming wouldn't have happened. The fantastic generosity and vast experience of Steve Webb and Justin Davies on Cameras 1 and 2. The massive brain of Nick Diacre running AV (packed in equal measure with technical wizardry and common sense) his dedicated team from CPL, set design from Flat Earth as well as the guys from Colston Hall. Mel Rodrigues did a truly amazing job as curator, pulling the whole thing together with charm and brutal determination, supported by her flexible, committed and talented TEDxBristol core production and delivery team, not to mention their army of relentlessly positive volunteers...

Watch out online as we finish post-production on the talks. When the dust settles, I'm looking forward to watching the talks without an earful of these brilliant people.

Richard originally posted this blog on LinkedIn here.