TedxBristol Speakers 2015

Daniel Edmund

Life Doesn't Have To Be Short

Time: 15:15 PM

Daniel is a 25 year old British-American who was born in Bristol and raised just outside of Washington D.C. Having moved back to Bristol five years ago, Daniel is now running his own business in the city called Milk for Tea. It’s a curious name for an organisation which is about inspiring men to be the best version of themselves, but his explanation is simple and resonant, “I love tea, but in the States I’m constantly explaining why Brits prefer milk with theirs.”

It’s our differences that make us brilliant and interesting and this is the concept Daniel celebrates at the events he organises (anyone for whiskey sampling?) and in the content he produces for his ‘modern man’ website. Coming from a sports and fashion background Daniel incorporates various aspects of the modern gent into Milk for Tea to inspire men to better themselves and their community. Daniel is committed not just to helping men break free from some of society’s unhelpful stereotypes and pressures but aims to show the culture-changing power that comes with pursuing your passion.

For TEDxBristol Daniel is delighted to be making his public speaking debut, and will be tackling head on the uncomfortable truth about the incredibly high rates of suicide, substance abuse and mental illness in men under 30 - while explaining what we can all do to help lighten the load.

My great expectation for the future is...

… that people from all different nationalities, races and backgrounds will come together and work towards bettering the lives of everyone across the world.

Watch Daniel Edmund's TedX 2015 talk here: