TedxBristol Speakers 2015

Patrick Aryee

How the Chicken Cured Cancer

Time: 11:10 AM

Patrick is a Bristol-based biologist who took a punt after graduating from Bristol University and decided to pursue a career in wildlife filmmaking. He went on to become an integral crew member of the BBC productions Madagascar and Attenborough: 60 years in the Wild. His first on-screen appearance was for BBC 2's Super Senses; a show exploring the extraordinary world of animal senses. He continues with another show about the amazing animal family of big cats, which airs on Sky 1 later this year.

His talk for TEDxBristol is all about the amazing things that plants and animals can do to help us. He says: "From providing a stable food source to giving us cures for our most crippling medical aliments, the natural world has shaped us in ways that have completely changed the course of our existence."

Patrick will share with us these ground-breaking moments, some of which today we take for granted and others which are making us re-think our relationship with wildlife and the environment as a whole.

He’s also really excited by technological innovation and how it might help us interact with, and care for the natural world better. He says “I believe that it comes from a deep rooted instinct as humans to create, to be creative. As a species we have an unprecedented ability to impact our planet, for the worse, or for the greater good. I really believe that it's possible to have a thriving 'global' industry which at the same time protects our planet.”

My great expectation for the future is...

…is to see us utilise renewable energy sources more effectively and end our dependency on fossil fuels.

Watch Patrick Aryee's TedX 2015 talk here: