TedxBristol Speakers 2015

Professor Kate Pullinger

A Very Modern Memorial

Time: 10:45 AM

Kate is a pioneer of creative writing in the digital age. TEDxBristol is delighted to welcome her to the stage, to hear about the merging of literature and fiction with digital workspaces. Kate’s digital fiction includes Inanimate Alice which won numerous prizes and accolades, and has become a leading title in the field of digital literacy and pedagogy. Her most recent novel, Landing Gear, expands and augments her collaborative digital fiction work Flight Paths.

One of her most well-known trans-media collaborations, and the subject of her TEDxBristol talk, is the celebrated digital war memorial, Letter to an Unknown Soldier, which wowed our airwaves and news feeds last year. Created with writer Neil Bartlett to mark the centenary of the outbreak of WWI, this project invited people to write a letter to the haunting statue of the unknown soldier who stands alone reading a letter on London Paddington’s platform 1. The project captured the hearts and imaginations of people across the UK and beyond. 22,000 people took part, including school children, college students and many others who’d never tried creative writing before, who were inspired to pick up a pen or keypad to write to the soldier. The result was a very modern memorial, made only of words.

My great expectation for the future is...

…that great writing will continue to thrive in books, eBooks, and new as-yet-to-be-conceived forms native to our digital devices.

Watch Professor Kate Pullinger's TedX 2015 talk here: