TedxBristol Speakers 2015

Tom Savage

Is Ambition Killing Us?

Time: 16:45 PM

At 21, Tom set up one of the world's leading non-profit conservation organisations, Blue Ventures, 24 hours from the nearest telephone in southwestern Madagascar.

Since then, he has founded a recruitment business with offices in London and San Francisco, won the Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the European Innovator of the Year award, featured in the Prime Minister's book Everyday Heroes and helped start Tenner, now supported by Sir Richard Branson. Inspired by Swiss Family Robinson, he also spent a year designing and building an eco-house in a remote part of Kenya and has travelled to over 60 countries, living in half a dozen. Closer to home, Tom now runs an award-winning big data business in Bristol, which he started whilst living in a van in Silicon Valley. For TEDxBristol he is exploring some of the head-scratching questions that he thinks many of us secretly ask ourselves every day:

Why do we work harder than ever before, despite the promises of progress, innovation and technology? At what cost?

Why is there a tacit acceptance that development is always positive, given there’s often evidence to the contrary? What if we could achieve more, and be happier, by doing less?

His talk questions our restless human advancement, examining the tightrope we walk between our drive for industry and achievement, and where it clashes with our instinctual need for peace and contentment. He’ll be living in a tent for one month prior to the event to clear his thoughts and find out if simplicity can be achieved while running a big data company from a field in Somerset. During this time you can catch Tom's thoughts and experiences by visiting his blog.

My great expectation for the future is...

…that more people start to understand that less, or simplicity, is the answer to many of our problems

Watch Tom Savage's TedX 2015 talk here: