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TEDxBristol is back for the first time in four years!

A lot has changed in Bristol since our last event in 2019. In those short years this city has faced everything from the pandemic to the falling of the Colston statue.

There’s a lot of change happening in this city which means it’s about time for TEDxBristol to put on another iconic and thought provoking show.

In 2019 our theme was Reflect, Rethink, Reboot and soon we’ll be revealing the theme for TEDxBristol 2023.

Until then, whether you want to speak at our event or volunteer your time to help make it spectacular, please get in touch using the buttons above. 

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Like many women, I rarely celebrate my achievements. But I have recently hit a milestone I'm proud of, and I notice… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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tedxbristol "For millennia, humans have lived in synchrony with night and day. Reconnecting with the 24-hour cycle of light and dark can help us thrive in a 24/7 world." Light bulbs, television, smart phones, shift work: these modern habits have dramatically altered our relationship with the 24-hour cycle of light and dark. We spend 90% of our lives indoors, where it’s often 15-500 times dimmer than outside, and keep the lights switched on long after sunset. This has important consequences for our sleep, alertness, mood, and recovery from illness. Linda Geddes' TEDxBristol talk unpacks our complex and altered relationship with light and suggests how we can revert to a more traditional way of living. Thank you @bristolwastecompany for sponsoring Linda’s #TEDxBristol talk Photo creds @evansgaz #ReflectRethinkReboot #ArtificialLight
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@TEDTalks Tuesday (nearly missed it!). The double-edged sword of #socialmedia! Been reminded of this again with all… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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tedxbristol “Retirement is a time to rebel! Your children and grandchildren need you to combat the threat to their futures, that is climate breakdown.” Fi Radford is a septuagenarian encouraging us to help solve the complex and pernicious global problems that are being inherited by our grandchildren. The word ‘retirement’ usually implies sitting back, relaxing and winding down - but Fi's TEDxBristol talk challenges this assumption, exploring instead all the wisdom, experience and free time that older generations can bring to critical problems. Fi says, "We, the Elders, have a key role to play. Do all that you can in the active years you have left. We owe it to the children to leave them the best legacy we can – a sustaining, diverse and inhabitable planet". One of the earliest members of campaign group Grandparents for a Safe Earth, Fi has spent the last decade committed to environmental activism. This year, aged 70, Fi joined Extinction Rebellion on the streets of London. Previously a very law-abiding citizen, she was arrested in Oxford Circus, and continues to lead young and old in environmental actions across the country. Thank you @bristol_water for sponsoring Fi’s #TEDxBristol talk. #ReflectRethinkReboot
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Programmer Jay Hayes has been working from home for over five years. Here's his advice on how to be productive outs… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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tedxbristol Andres Roberts believes a better world is possible if we could only find a way to work with nature. Now at over 20k views on YouTube, Andres’ talk takes us on a journey into human stories that go beyond relentless growth, competition and consumption. To show how we can work with nature to grow resilience, connection, wisdom and care. Thank you to SYMEC for sponsoring this talk! #leadership #nature #bioleadership #innovation #future #regenerative #resilience #reconnection #optimisation #wisdom #love #care #sustainabilty #progress #management #socialinnovation #wild #rewild #reenchantment @patagonia @guayaki @shambalafest @yellowstonenps @bioleadershipproject @bio_leadership @wayofnatureuk @patagonia
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tedxbristol Muneera Pilgrim is an international Poet, Cultural Producer, Writer and Broadcaster. In this piece especially for TEDxBristol, Muneera shares her interpretation of what Bristol has been trying to articulate for so long. Her powerful piece is now on YouTube! Thank you to White Jackman for sponsoring this talk. #poetry #poetrycommunity #blackgirlrock #unfinishedsympathy #Bristol #wordswithqueens #sufipoet #Muneerapilgrim #blackbritishgirlhood #blackintheday #backintheday #unicorns #unicornshavenothingonus #gentrification @merkybooks @buzzfeed @weoutherefestival @tinydesk @sofarsoundslondon
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tedxbristol "Slavery is a massive problem in the world at the moment. If you’re on land there is some chance someone is looking out for you, factories inspected, brothels raided, modern slavery laws enacted, but a slave at sea... in the remote ocean?" Now live on YouTube! In this candid and gripping talk, former disaster relief worker and scientific observer, Sam Rush explores some of the darker events he has witnessed at sea. Thank you to @floatingharbour for sponsoring this talk!
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We’ve produced a @TEDxBristol talk with Neciah Dorh from @fluoretiQ all about his work to reduce the time of diagno… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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tedxbristol ‘Resilience’ and ‘Self Care’ are the wellbeing buzzwords of our time, but what do they really mean, and how do they apply when life knocks you devastatingly off-course? Former soldier in the Household Cavalry, David O’Mahoney was living his dream and at the height of his profession when a freak car accident left him fighting for his life, with the doctors suggesting his life support be turned off. David’s TEDxBristol talk charts his remarkable personal journey as he battled with life-changing injuries and crushing depression to create a radically different lifestyle and daily regime in order to survive. His story of overcoming continued adversity demonstrates that anything is possible with the right approach, and continued resilience can result in a journey of empowerment and personal enlightenment. He shares three powerful tools to increase your mental resilience so that when adversity strikes, whether personal or professional, you can meet it from a position of strength and come out on top. Thank you @create_bristol for sponsoring David’s #TEDxBristol talk. #ReflectRethinkReboot
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