Gareth Evans




Gareth joins the team in 2018 as our new content producer. TEDx is all about spreading ideas and making sure those ideas can be shared and enjoyed by an audience far and wide, is Gareth’s area of expertise. 

We love our big events, but we don’t think that only the lucky few who could be there should be the only ones to benefit from the inspiring stories and ideas. So whether it’s creating video or images to share on social media, creating podcasts for people to listen to or coming up with brand new ways to connect with people, Gareth’s experience and talent for knowing how to engage our audience is helping us spread ideas and keep the TED community growing.

Born in North Wales and having spent a decade in London, Bristol is Gareth’s new adopted home. Unlike anywhere he’s lived before, he loves the city’s community feel, it’s collaborativeness and it’s creativeness and that encapsulates everything that TEDx is about.