Anna Starkey




Anna is the sum of all the people she’s ever met and all the experiences she’s had so far. She’s the Creative Director of At-Bristol interactive science centre and has a degree in physics, a Bafta nomination for writing children’s animation, and a back catalogue of jobs that include stop motion penguins, a Lab of Misfits, water rockets, voice artists, symphony orchestras, street dancers, stand up comics and particle accelerators.

Her talk for TEDxBristol: Dare to Disrupt will be equally multi-disciplinary - in fact it is a battle cry for people from all walks of life to start asking bold questions and getting curious about the stuff that matters. Sje says, "Curiosity - what is it, where’s it gone and why does the human species and the planet urgently need a new Age of Curiosity to begin? This is a story about a big red button says DO NOT PRESS..which ends with a beginning - what we’re all going to do next…"

I dare to disrupt because ...

I dare to disrupt because life is all about disruption in one way or another. It's impossible to predict the future, there are always great unknowns. No-one can live their life exactly to plan from beginning to end without any kind of disruption, so we might as well embrace disruption, learn to master it. And then we can begin to positively disrupt together - instead of waiting for the future to come down the line and hit us, we can collective shape it and change it for the better.