Clive Colledge





Clive is 70 years old - but far from 'retiring' - he's hell bent on exploring the experience and opportunity that being his age can offer. At 64 was awarded a PhD studying values, marketing and generations. For TEDxBristol he will explore the unhelpful and misleading messages that comes from segmenting people by age. He'll argue that it is our values, not our date of birth, that help us share what we have in common, and create meaningful change.

Clive's experience is first hand. He spent 30 years as an award-winning art director and designer for advertising and marketing agencies in the UK, Europe and North America. Three of those years were spent in an advertising agency on Triangle West, here in Bristol. From new lollipop concepts for Walls Ice Cream, to campaigns for Granada TV, Wall Street Journal, Duracell Batteries and Coca-Cola, there's not a lot he's not put his creative brain to. But it was during a short spell playing jazz and running a jazz club that gave him a healthier respect for audiences and a love of more 'disruptive' communication.

Having spent the last 17 years lecturing and researching at Birmingham City University in Birmingham, Singapore and Hong Kong, particularly on creativity, visual communication and audiences, his His talk will explore these themes - but not as the average ad agency might know it! He says, "My wide international experiences have increased my love of communication and built a desire to disrupt the communication that dishonours individuals. ll demonstrate that segmenting individuals by age into groups like Baby Boomers, is based on false data that stereotypes individuals, leading to divisions in society. I’ll explore a fresh approach, encouraging individuals of different ages to come together, creating innovations across society, locally and internationally."

TEDxBristol can't wait to be schooled on how to more authentically connect with audiences!

I’ve witnessed the harm that stereotyping individuals creates and its now time to celebrate the increase in life-span that many individuals can look forward to, bringing an opportunity to reimagine our lives and society.