Dr. Dawn Harper




Dr Dawn is the person that you wish was your GP. One of the no-nonsense doctors on Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning series Embarrassing Bodies, she’s the kind but firm one - she won’t beat around the bush with her diagnosis, and you always feel better after listening to her advice. There’s not a topic she can’t turn her medical mind to. She recently appeared on Channel 4’s Born Naughty? - helping parents take control of their badly-behaved children, and is the resident GP on ITV’s This Morning and LBC Radio, and regular contributor to The Write Stuff and NetDoctor.co.uk.

Off-screen Dr Dawn is a part time GP in Stroud where she takes a particular interest in women’s health, preventative medicine and weight management. The rest of her week is spent talking and writing in the media on medical issues. She’s written five books on weight management and diabetes - and is passionate about tackling type 2 or ‘lifestyle’ diabetes, and the crippling effect it is having on the NHS.

She is currently writing a series of ten "Dr Dawn's Guides" on issues such as heart, digestion and

and brain health.

TEDxBristol is delighted that she’s bringing her own brand of medical savvy to the TEDx stage, where she will explore the ‘great expectations’ she has for us to live long, active and exciting lives - as well as harnessing the power we have to save the NHS from being brought to its knees.