Ferielle Jarrett




Ferielle is the Events Manager for Bristol Student's Union. After watching (many) TEDx videos on YouTube she wanted to run a similar event in the SU for University of Bristol students.

In 2015 she reached out to Mel and the TEDxBristol team to partner on an event as part of the SU's Welcome Week programme. Not only did the team offer support and advice in putting on the event but also previewed some of the TEDxBristol 2015 talks. The event was a huge success for both the SU and the TEDxBristol team who gained a number of volunteers off the back of it.

After running the event again in 2016 and playing an active role in supporting students in putting on TEDxUniversityofBristol, Ferielle decided it was time get more involved in the actual TEDxBristol event. She has lived in Bristol for three years and worked at the SU for most of that...