Holly Stoppit




Holly Stoppit is Bristol-based clown teacher, facilitator, dramatherapist, performance researcher, theatre director, university lecturer, blogger and actual real life clown.

Holly grew up in the circus and has travelled the world to sit at the feet of many wise clown masters and has performed in streets, schools, festivals, circus tents and theatres.

10 years ago, having become increasingly fascinated in the healing potential of creative process, Holly began retraining as a dramatherapist. For her Masters dissertation research, Holly explored the potential therapeutic benefits of clown skills training for adults with mental health issues. Thus “Clown-o-therapy” was born; a group therapy system, which blends clowning, mindfulness and personal reflection.

These days, Holly facilitates workshops for adults of all ages, backgrounds and from every corner of the UK and beyond.

Holly is artistic director of Beyond The Ridiculous - a collective of solo improvisers made up of Holly's long-term students. Last year, Holly was Clown In Residence at Bristol Museum.

"I'd like to offer a space where we can reflect on our quality of connection and explore how tapping into the state of clown can help us rethink how we relate to ourselves and others."