Kelsey Hoppe




Our world seems to be increasingly insecure and travel increasingly unsafe. We fear terrorist attacks, we fear foreigners and foreign places. Where is safe these days?

Kelsey Hoppe, a high-risks environment specialist will answer this question in her TEDx talk - busting some myths and blowing out of the water some of the anxieties and fears that we have come to believe are true about the world we live in.

Kelsey has definitely earned her stripes on this issue, having lived and worked abroad since she was 18 years old. This has included travel to over 44 countries and living in some high-risk environments working with humanitarian and development organisations and then as a security specialist. She is now the Managing Director of Safer Edge, a security and risk management company that provides training and risk management advice to organisations who travel and work difficult places. She specialises in women’s security and security for independent and young travellers.

Kelsey is also the author of Staying Safe on Your Gap Year, In Lahore: a contemporary guide to the city, and is the lead editor and author of Chasing Misery: an anthology of essays by women in humanitarian aid.

I want people to live confidently and experience the world without being afraid. Over the past few years fear seems to have reduced us. But it doesnÂ’t need to be like this. Each one of us had the ability to decide where we are safe and how we can be secure.