Mel Rodrigues




Mel loves coming up with new ideas, connecting people and putting on a good show - which is probably why she has taken on curating TEDxBristol with relish!

Mel thinks Bristol is the kind of place where creativity and collaboration feels so possible you can almost taste it in the air – and has enjoyed leading the TEDXBristol team in their mission to share home-grown ideas on the world stage since 2015.

By day Mel is a Producer at BBC Bristol, where she produces a variety of factual films and inspirational events. Her passion for this city began in the late 90’s when she moved here to study at Bristol University. She happily returned to Bristol five years ago after working on media projects in London, Cardiff and Melbourne and also for an international charity in Zambia, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

When she’s not racing around with a camera and a deadline, she enjoys the brilliant countryside walks that the Bristol region has to offer, as well as the quality of the cider in the more traditional Somerset watering holes!

Every day we make assumptions and rely on received wisdom - I like challenging unhelpful 'best practice' and finding 'better practice'. There's always room for challenge, improvement and break-through thinking!