Neciah Dorh




Neciah hails from the sunny shores of St. Lucia but has spent the last 10 years in Bristol. 

During this time, he gained a BEng and Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bristol. 

His work in fluorescence technologies has gained recognition locally and internationally including several articles and talks. 

In 2017, Neciah co-founded FluoretiQ Limited. Working at the interface of Engineering, Microbiology and Chemistry. FluoretiQ develops technology to rapidly identify the bacteria present in patient samples. In the long term, it could be used to determine which antibiotics would best treat the infection.

With his daughter newly enrolled into nursery, he looks forward to evenings of cuddles and being updated on her daily adventures.

Given the complexity of today’s challenges, it is vital that we take the time to reflect and rethink our strategies; we must truly embrace collaboration.