Neill Jones




Neill returned to Bristol after many years living in other cities starting with B like Brighton, Barcelona and ... er ... Dublin and Melbourne. He was excited to see how Bristol had transformed into a positive, vibrant and forward looking city.

He is Operations Director at Newicon and has been involved with TEDxBristol for over 4 years working in the shadows building and expanding the TEDxBristol web application. This year he decided it was time to come out of the shadows! So to get more directly involved with the main event he joined the Speaker Team creating the Speaker Portal to improve how the site can assist the speaker application and selection process as well as get involved in the process personally.

He has an overwhelming passion for all things scientific but also loves the range and breadth of topics covered by TEDxBristol especially those talks that make him reflect, rethink and reboot his way of thinking.

As a design led software development company, Newicon is innovating daily, helping entrepreneurs disrupt their sectors, and with our own approach to application development, aiming to disrupt our own.