Stephanie Healey




Stephanie Healey is a psychotherapist and sex educator based in Bristol.

She has spent over a decade working with teenagers and adults, helping them understand how to have healthy relationships and how to have good sex. During her twenties, she spent time reflecting on the terrible sex education that she and her friends had received. She realised that young people today face cruel double standards. They spend hours of their lives immersed unsupervised in a hypersexualised digital world with no real guidance from adults and institutions around them.

She made the decision to become a sex educator in order to have real, sex-positive conversations with young people about their bodies and sexual pleasure and how to navigate the complexities of sex and relationships.

She says, “Our sexual health and wellbeing often gets neglected, yet we are expected to somehow become sexual with little or no guidance.”

The same is true for her therapy practice, where she spends hours talking about relationships and intimacy. Stephanie says she is unshockable when it comes to sex stories!

“I have seriously heard it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. At my core, I believe everyone is deserving of respectful sex and relationships – including you.”