Bristol and Bath Science Park has been supporting TEDxBristol by providing a meeting venue, as well as promoting this year’s event amongst throughout its business community and networks.

I’ll be honest; I didn’t know much about TEDx Bristol when the opportunity to support came along. I’d heard of TED but wasn’t really sure what it was or if it was relevant for me, personally or professionally. It was our friends and tenants Newicon who suggested that we might want to get involved and we readily agreed, but I thought I should find out a little more about what TEDxBristol was all about.

This was the start of my journey to becoming a TED fan and supporter; I now love spreading the word about TED & TEDxBristol.

My first stop was the TED website. I was amazed at the range of topics, the accessibility, and how addictive the talks were. I was even more amazed by the network of TEDx events, and was quickly able to find that some of my favourite speakers presented, including Andy Kirkpatrick at TEDxHull.

This year’s TEDxBristol theme of “Dare to Disrupt” really got me thinking. With so much technology changing the way that we live and work, the world is changing quickly. Keen to do our own bit of “disrupting,” my team and I at Bristol and Bath Science Park have decided to try out some new ideas of our own this year: to take a few calculated risks in areas that previously might have worried us, and perhaps even have some fun.

So, what did we do? For starters we moved all the furniture in the Forum (a shared central atrium in the Science Park), allowing us to host events more flexibly. We also worked with partners and clients to host the South Gloucestershire Business Show, at which TEDxBristol speakers gave a stimulating and exciting preview.

We hosted out first awards ceremony for Serona Health Care, and are looking forward to doing the same for the West of England Green 50 in November. We have refurbished and increased the size of our co-working space “The Hub”, welcomed new tenants, and launched an outdoor gym with Fitquest.

None of our changes (or “disruptions”) are that ground breaking, but for us, it was about doing something different; making sure that the Science Park stays modern and relevant, and responds to the needs of our tenants, clients, and customers.

Having had a sneak preview of some of the talks already, I can’t wait to attend TEDxBristol on 2nd & 3rd November. In our experience, you don’t have to change much to get more, and there is always value in looking at things differently and trying something new.

I’m sure that this year’s TEDxBristol is going to challenge and motivate everyone to Dare to Disrupt, (even if it is just a little bit!)