Have you ever started a journey with no idea where it would lead?

I have, and not that long ago either. In May, I returned from India after speaking at a conference and read an e-mail from my Co-Director, “TEDx Bristol pitches are happening tomorrow – are you going?”

I have long been a lover of TED, spending hours on YouTube watching and learning from a myriad of thought leaders around the world. Presenting a TED talk has been on my vision board for a few years now, being an international speaker it seems the next stretch on my journey.

Despite being jet lagged, of course I was there for the pitching event! With little prep, I talked to camera and did my best. Although I didn’t have the subject matter to be chosen as a speaker this time, I raised my hand as a volunteer and had a coffee with Mel Rodrigues, TEDxBristol’s curator.

In the space of one conversation and a large pot of mint tea, I had moved from ‘helping out,’ to signing up the Discover Your Bounce team to curate the whole wellbeing area, with a full programme of activities over both days. As Richard Branson said, “Say yes first, and work out how later!”

If you are a fellow TEDx lover and find yourself at the Colston Hall for TEDxBristol, pop up to the top floor and say hello! We have two mini disruptive workshops in every break, taster relaxing treatments and even some virtual reality to whisk you away to a mountaintop or beach! Add your wishes to our epic visioning wall, or zone out completely with some mindfulness colouring in.

Discover Your Bounce is a group of companies that help individuals and organisations to increase their health and happiness, one change and one person at a time. If you or your company are struggling with health or stress challenges, our easy, tried and tested routines help improve Mind, Body, Spirit, and Vision.

We love this year’s ‘Dare to Disrupt’ theme – we start many of our sessions by asking, “What would be better than this, and how will you know when you have achieved it?”

Working with the TEDx Bristol team has been an absolute joy – it’s great to see what goes into creating one of Bristol’s biggest personal development events. There is an energy and excitement that is infectious – our simple plan has become bigger and better, and we’ve been humbled by the offers of help we have received from local businesses and contacts.

If you find yourself at The Colston Hall on the 2nd and 3rd November, look up! You should easily spot our bright colours and we would love you to join in with our wonderful activities. Who knows, you may discover even more bounce than you thought possible!

For more details about Discover Your Bounce visit www.discoveryourbounce.com.


Written by Nicky Marshall, Founder, Discover Your Bounce