Why TEDx Community Partnership?

As soon as we saw the theme for this year’s TEDxBristol event, we knew we had to get involved. The Community Partnership immediately stood out as a way to give something back to Bristol. Community is one of our four focus areas at Tate Bristol. We believe firmly in the magic of bringing people together and making things happen. 

Tate Bristol dares to disrupt

Tate’s traditional business model has been running successfully for the last 32 years. Here in Bristol we are daring to disrupt. We are building a new concept and model for the future because we believe recruitment can be done better. We aim to harness the power of new technology and blend it with the deep knowledge, skills and human expertise of our local team.

We know the pain points of recruitment both for jobseekers and employers. We want to reduce those pains whilst building genuine and trusted relationships. This is why we’ve changed our operating model. For a start, none of the team are paid individual bonuses for placing candidates into jobs. We make great matches between jobseekers and organisations because that’s our job – not because we’re incentivised to do so.  

We know people are at the centre of every great business. We care deeply about our people and our customers and take time to understand things from your perspective. We act with integrity and empathy to ensure we connect the right candidates and organisations. We believe that aligning values between individuals and organisations leads to a better fit. That means higher levels of engagement and increased productivity and job satisfaction for our candidates.

How can you get involved?

Reach out and say hello by contacting Charlotte Horton. You can find out more about our services, community events and live opportunities by signing up at www.tate.co.uk/bristol.