When the opportunity arose for Uniquity to partner with TEDxBristol, we didn’t think twice. We know that globally TEDx and their events, broadcasts and discussions on all sorts of topics are setting the agenda of popular culture.

We believe these are an important window for new opportunities and ways of doing things. Getting people together puts ideas into the community and lets them fly. We think that’s an amazing thing to bring to our part of the world.

We feel TEDxBristol’s mix of community values, information sharing and dynamism is a perfect fit for our brand values. We’re very proud that Uniquity is a marketing agency for ambitious financial business. Like TEDx, we’re not another example of the same old thing.

Innovative financial services marketing

We think it’s a shame financial services are seen as complex and uninspiring. We believe that when people don’t have enough information about their finances, they don’t always live the lives that they want. That’s why we work to deliver marketing that really connects and makes an impact.

We want to give people the power to make good decisions, and we think that TEDxBristol does too. TEDxBristol believes in using the power of ideas to change the way we think, people's lives and, ultimately, the world. And so do we. We are disrupting how financial businesses communicate by making it more engaging, human, and useful.

Inspirational leadership

When we built our business plan and strategy we looked to TED talks as sources of inspiration. We went to Simon Sinek’s to help us understand how to define our purpose. We listened when he explained that those who lead inspire us. How we follow them not for them, but for ourselves. And we took on board the importance of simply asking why we do what we do.

We turned to Amy Cuddy to improve our body language and presence. She explained how building trust is a core part of demonstrating competence. We listened when she said we must show people we understand and relate to them.

Corporate community relations

Finally, the wise words of Robert Waldinger really resonated with us. The results of his study of life and happiness showed that the people who fared the best were those who leaned in to relationships, with family, with friends, with community. His advice, shared with us thanks to TED, inspired a stunning campaign for a client – we’re very proud of it.

That’s why we’re thrilled to be part of TEDxBristol. We love ideas. And we love ideas that can change the world even more. We’re looking forward to following Robert’s advice and “leaning in” to our amazing community. We can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

Written by Laura Janes www.uniquity.co