Mind Doodle is live mind mapping talks at TEDxBristol to amplify the powerful ideas that TEDxBristol speakers explore during their talks.

At Mind Doodle, we believe that everyone should be able to communicate new ideas and access knowledge freely, so we are supporting the event in two ways:

  1. Live mind mapping talks so that knowledge, thoughts and personal stories from the speakers are available for attendees and online visitors to access, and discuss through a live chat.
  2. Providing free tickets for people from local communities who could not attend the event otherwise, alongside other Community Partnership sponsors.


So why are we mind mapping?

We are mind mapping TEDxBristol talks so that important messages addressed by the speakers are available to a wide audience, regardless of geographical or financial barriers. This means that people who cannot attend will have immediate access to the inspirational stories of positive disruption.

The mind maps can also be used as a visual accompaniment for the talks, a space for live discussion, and a digital resource for the future.

  • Visual accompaniment:
    If you’re able to attend the event in person or watch the live stream, use the mind maps as a visual accompaniment to help you understand and retain the thought-provoking content
  • Join the discussion:
    Log in and add comments through the live chat to discuss ideas that speakers explore through their talks.
  • Digital resource:
    Use the mind maps as a digital resource and reference point that you can return to in the future to gather key quotes, statistics, and facts from the talks.

Follow the live mind mapping at https://tedxbristol.minddoodle.com from your mobile or computer.


Community Partnership Programme

As a local tech start up, we were delighted to find out that TEDxBristol was returning in 2017. We started discussing the options for getting involved in the event with Halina Jaroszewska, one of our contacts from the Bristol community, and a part of the TEDxBristol team.

When Halina introduced us to Mel Rodrigues, the curator and creative director of TEDxBristol, we discovered that our aims and values aligned perfectly with those of the organising team. We agreed that the ideas which develop from this event should be shared by, and accessible to everyone, and we decided that it was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse.

Along with other organisations across the region, we joined as a Community Partnership sponsor, contributing towards the offering of 15% of seats (around 450 places) to people from Bristol and the West’s diverse community groups for free.


How we dare to disrupt

Mind Doodle is a new online mind mapping software for teams and individuals, built by software start-up FlexiDB Limited.

We have built Mind Doodle as a collaborative thinking environment to enhance the way the world thinks, because traditional methods of thinking, planning, and working are outdated.

We are positively disrupting these processes by scrapping the handbook and promoting natural, free-flowing thinking, but it doesn’t stop there. Our tool seamlessly develops ideas into actionable and operational work.

Mind Doodle is collaborative, intuitive, and allows users to work freely without constraint. With real-time collaboration and live chat, Mind Doodle allows groups from all over the world to work together by developing and discussing new ideas in real time.

It’s free, so anyone can use Mind Doodle when they dare to disrupt.

Sign up at https://minddoodle.com.