by Toby Bartholomew

I’ve been a keen fan of TED talks for years: ever since seeing Tom Thum’s incredible beatboxing performance at TEDxSydney I’ve been addicted to listening to great ideas from across the globe.

In 2013 whilst I was in University, I was lucky enough to have my first live experience of a TEDx event in Bristol. The theme of TEDxBristol 2013 was ‘Failure’, and the talks inspired me to be more accepting of my own failures, to stop talking about things and just start doing them, and most importantly they made me think. As I watched the speakers my brain started bursting with ideas: how I could use what they were saying, how I could help and engage with what they were trying to do, and some completely unrelated ideas that just happened to be sparked by what was said.

But, as the day went on and more incredible speakers came to the stage, some ideas got pushed to the back of my mind and lost forever. I know that at TEDxBristol 2017 my head is going to be bursting with even more ideas – but this year I’m determined not to lose them.

Solverboard and TEDxBristol

This year, Solverboard is partnering with TEDxBristol to provide an online platform that allows the audience to:

  • Post ideas that have been inspired by the TEDxBristol: Dare to Disrupt talks
  • Solve challenges set by the speakers, partners, and the TEDxBristol team
  • Collaborate on and discuss ideas and solutions to bring them one step closer to reality!

We’re excited to hear from you, so if you would like to share your ideas and solve the speaker’s challenges, come and see us at the Solverboard stand during the event! Sign up and join the conversation here.

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