The TEDxBristol 2017 ‘Dare to Disrupt’ Countdown has begun, with seven new speakers added to the line-up.

Witness speakers bravely take to the stage to share their own personal stories that challenge the status quo, and dare to do things differently, in order to make our planet a better, healthier and kinder place.

Curator Mel Rodrigues says, “We now have over half of our line up decided, and Bristol has really pulled out all the stops. With over 350 applications and counting, we’ve chosen 10 people who represent the positive, innovative and slightly rogue spirit of the city. These are Bristol’s boldest disruptors!”

Each day explores a different mode of disruption - from the personal to the global..

- Disruptive Bodies - Disruptive Minds, 2nd November
- Disruptive Innovation - Disruptive Planet, 3rd November

On 2nd November, speakers will share personal reflections themed around Disruptive Bodies and Disruptive Minds. From physical bodies that don’t look or work the way they are supposed to, to new or controversial ways of thinking, dreaming and challenging.

On 3rd November, speakers will share more public and collaborative stories about Disruptive Innovation and Disruptive Planet. They will argue that some of the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges can only be tackled by collective action and disruption at scale.

Newly Announced TEDxBristol 2017 speakers include:

THURSDAY 2ND NOVEMBER: Disruptive Bodies - Disruptive Minds

Mena Fombo – One of Bristol's biggest influencers and & 'doers'; on issues of equality, representation and education. Mena is the driving force behind the new international campaign No. You Cannot Touch My Hair! - a compelling exploration of the objectification of black women.

William Mager - The Series Producer of the BBC’s long-running television series for deaf people See Hear. He will reveal how the traumatic discovery of a secret as a teenager has disrupted his life to date – and why he’s made the decision to talk about it in public for the first time.

Mena and William will be joining previously announced speakers - super-bike hero Martyn Ashton, autism activist Nura Aabe and social-justice, spoken-word poet Joshua Luke Smith.

FRIDAY 3RD NOVEMBER: Disruptive Innovation - Disruptive Planet.

Anna Starkey –At-Bristol’s Creative Director on Why We Need Culture of Curiosity - a battle cry for people from all walks of life to start asking bold questions, challenge scientists and get curious about the stuff that matters.

Clive Colledge – Why Baby Boomers, Millennials and GenerationX Don’t Exist. Ex ad-man, Clive is 70 years old, but far from retiring he's hell-bent on exploring the opportunity that being his age can offer. His talk exposes the unhelpful and misleading messages that come from segmenting people by age, rather than values.

Kelsey Hoppe – As a high-risk environment specialist, her talk Where is Safe? An Expert’s Guide to Terror and Travel will explore the fears around travelling in what can sometimes appear like a very unstable world.

Natalie Fee – will discuss How to Stop Flushing the Ocean’s Future down the Pan. Bristol’s trailblazing, award winning environmental campaigner will reveal the power and impact of Bristol grass-roots movements, with a compelling call to turn the tide on plastic pollution in the oceans.

Kalpna Woolf – 91 Ways to Build A Global City founder built a unique, groundbreaking initiative to bring the 91 language communities of Bristol together using food and their stories of culture. She’ll share her journey and insights in, The Peaceful Agitator: Can Food Connect Us?

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If you believe you can contribute a brilliant idea worth sharing at ‘Dare to Disrupt’, the application deadline has been extended to 25 th August, following an unprecedented number of applications, with over 350 ideas submitted.

Newly Announced Partners

TEDxBristol is also delighted to be welcoming some of Bristol and the West’s most innovative and inspirational businesses and organisations to the team. They support TEDxBristol through a mix of Value in Kind and Sponsorship, lending us their time, energy and professional expertise.

Burges Salmon as a premier partner, is delivering a huge piece of work pro-bono to help TEDxBristol get all its legal affairs ship-shape.

Solverboard, based at Paintworks is working with the team to develop a ‘digital’ way to capture the best ideas from the day and continue the conversation.

Utopium will be lighting up the Colston Hall for us and MMA Pro managing the production.

Uniquity are developing the team’s business strategy.

For more details please visit