It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 18 months since the last TEDxBristol event Dare To Disrupt. As the months have gone by we seem to have found ourselves living in a post-disruptive world. On both a global and local scale, we're learning that the old rules no longer apply, and that uncertainty is the new normal. 

So as the date of our big return - November 2019 - came slowly into focus, we started to think about what a new TEDxBristol event would look like and how it could inspire ideas that speak to this moment of global change and disruption. Through brainstorms and workshops with our dedicated and passionate team of volunteers, what became apparent was that if there should be a single motivating idea for TEDxBristol 2019, it should be how to cultivate positive action, clear focus and a feeling of progress in uncertain times. Our theme was born:



Logo design by the wonderfully talented Lewis Osborne


Reflect: Rethink: Reboot is not about just surviving, but thriving in uncertain times. How do we unpick things that don't work, steady our focus and create positive change in a world of constant flux? Those are just starters for some of the questions that we hope to raise this year. 

Whether it's the thin ice on which we skate with the natural world, the state of our nation's mental and physical wellbeing, or the rampant pace of developments in technology and science, there’s never been a more important time for reflecting on the world, rethinking our approach or rebooting for the future. 

As ever, TEDxBristol is about tapping into and showcasing big ideas from those members of our community who are driving innovation and push boundaries in this moment of global uncertainty, polarised opinion and political upheaval. 

If you have a big idea and you’d like to share with Bristol, the South West, and the world then please visit our brand new online application portal to become a speaker at TEDxBristol 2019, which is now open.