With TEDxBristol fast approaching, we wanted to tell you about all the activities we have planned for the day. There's a hive of activity laid on for you away from the main stage with interactive workshops, hands-on activities and quiet spaces for reflection.


Join our amazing Headline and Associate Partners in the Experience Zone for a sensory and cerebral encounter. In alignment with our goal to be as zero waste as possible there won’t be the usual ‘expo’ stands... we’ve banned single-use plastic and paper and encouraged creativity!

You can challenge your taste buds, test your agility with mini robots; take your nose down memory lane, talk like TED and nail how to create a start up in a day, to name a few.

Here's the line up for the day so far:

 BJSS Sparck’s ‘tarot reader’ will be on the case re today’s issues! Ask and you may well be surprised, intrigued, delighted, taken aback as a result of the consultation.


Bristol Waste’s question is - Are you a total waster? See what 50 households in Bristol have done to become zero waste. Pledge to reduce your waste and support TEDxBristol in its as near zero waste as possible aim.


Bristol Water’s challenge is to tantalise your taste buds. Can you taste the difference between 5 samples of water?


Create Health’s ReminiScent will ask you to explore and test the strong connection between memory and olfaction. As a result they will tell the captivating scent stories of Bristol through data visualisation.


Hodos Consultancy Co. speaker coaches to the stars of TEDxBristol 2019 ask want to talk like a TED Speaker? Well … now your chance snap up a 10 minute session by booking on the day


Newicon know that it’s possible to create a start up in a day! Starting with a problem, brainstorm solutions and transform into a start up business. Simple! Come and discover how it’s done.


UK Law Firm TLT’s strong resonance and connection with TEDxBristol’s three value pillars Community in Partnership, Fresh Talent, Smart Planet has motivated them to discover which of the three chimes with most strongly with you. They will ask the question: a more engaged community or thriving talent or environmental protection. And what is your commitment to take action is another question to Reflect: Rethink and Reboot on!