TEDxBristol is supported by a diverse range of businesses and organisations from across the South West, all of whom are passionate about great ideas and Bristol's creative and independent spirit. Thank you to our brilliant partners and sponsors for their time, energy and enthusiasm in delivering TEDxBristol's most ambitious event to date.

Premier Partners

Our Premier Partners are at the heart of TEDxBristol 2019. They play a pivotal role in delivering the event, and worked with the TEDxBristol team on a range of innovative and exciting collaborations in order to create a TEDx for Bristol to be proud of.


Newicon are a web and software company helping businesses to make the most of digital technology and digital transformation.

We are very excited to be partnering with TEDxBristol, as we believe enthusiasm and big ideas are extremely important to an innovative environment.

Just like TEDxBristol we are all about sharing ideas and being passionate about the future – hoorah!

Oh - and we built this web application for TEDxBristol using our new-fangled web application development platform neon  which we're extremely excited about.

Floating Harbour Films is a production company awash with creativity, vast experience and all the latest toys. "We’re excited, delighted and can’t wait to be a part of the TEDx experience, in our favourite city. We are a small company with big ears, big experience, big ideas. Oh… and a very big boat. Right in the heart of Bristol. Come and say hi!”

Opus Talent Solutions is an end-to-end talent consultancy and recruitment firm, which launched in 2008 in Bristol. We operate in the tech and energy market, with the mission to be a global leader in niche and innovative talent solutions in these fields and beyond. Just like the TEDx theme this year, we have had to reflect, rethink and reboot, and are helping our clients do the same.  

We are thrilled to be one of TEDxBristol official partners this year. As a boundary breaking talent consultancy working in rapidly evolving markets, we know first-hand the importance of reflecting, rethinking and rebooting in today’s ever-changing world.  

We are passionate about sharing ideas, promoting change, innovating and evolving. This is something we do in our own industry and fully align to TEDx’s mission to do the same in Bristol and beyond. We are beyond pleased to be partnering with an organisation who align to our mission and values.

Runway East offers space for startups to work, meet, think and socialise together. Our coworking spaces exist to make a million breakthroughs happen - by nurturing ambitious startups on their path to greatness, building valuable connections along the way. We know that startups shift and evolve, that's why we offer flexible contracts to accommodate growing companies. 

We also trust in the power of community; from introducing founders to investors with our Investor Office Hours to hosting delicious Cake Wednesdays every week, we're all about fostering growth and happiness with our members. 

We're thrilled to be partnering with TEDxBristol as we believe collaboration and innovation are paramount to a bright future. These two core pillars drive our tech community forward and help us sculpt the future of the world we live in. Did we mention we also just adore Bristol? So much we opened a new site there last year. Swing by anytime!

Associate Partners

Our Associate Partners pulled out all the stops to make TEDxBristol 2017 brilliant. From Value in Kind in the form of lighting rigs, social media strategy or business advice, to rehearsal space and set design, these are the behind-the-scenes heroes who make TEDxBristol a world class event.


At Hodos Consultancy Co. we are very experienced in the fact that a well-told story sets culture, drives strategy, engages teams, compels listeners, evokes emotional response and transforms consumers into advocates. We help maximise the effectiveness of stories by enhancing the way they are told; for companies, private individuals, and 3rd sector organisations, through a combination of interactive workshops and personalised coaching.

Hearing the amazing things people are doing across Bristol, the South-west and the world is a genuine inspiration. The opportunity to help the amazing individuals who speak at TEDxBristol is a privilege. Seeing them develop their stories, from early ideas through to stepping on stage, is one of the highlights of our professional lives.

We are so proud to have been supporting TEDxBristol since 2015 and look forward to meeting the Fresh Talent who will be gracing the stage at TEDxBristol 2019 in November!

Industry standard skills and training are at the heart of Bath Spa University’s School of Creative Industries. Our film and media students are creative, connected and industry-focused, learning their trade in our industry standard TV studio and post-production facilities. Our Film, Television and Digital Production course is partnered with Pinewood Studios and supported by scholarships from Oscar winning movie producer, David Puttnam. 

Working in partnership, with a diverse range of companies - from TEDxBristol to the VR Lab - we make sure our graduates have the skills the South West’s creative industries need. That’s why Bath Spa University students are invited back, every time, to work with TEDxBristol.

Bath Spa University offers a wide range of courses across the arts, sciences, education and business. Our courses help the next generation of creative talent develop the problem solving, creative and people skills they need to that maximise their employability in the 21stcentury workplace. 

Celebrating creativity and big ideas is something we share a passion for with TEDxBristol – we’re delighted to be partnering for a third time.


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