TEDxBristol is supported by a diverse range of businesses and organisations from across the South West, all of whom are passionate about great ideas and Bristol's creative and independent spirit. Thank you to our brilliant partners and sponsors for their time, energy and enthusiasm in delivering TEDxBristol's most ambitious event to date.

Friends of TEDxBristol

Our Friends of TEDxBristol are big fans of TED and TEDx talks, and help us in many innovative ways through their networks, innovation and hands on deck!


Industry standard skills and training are at the heart of Bath Spa University’s School of Creative Industries. Our film and media students are creative, connected and industry-focused, learning their trade in our industry standard TV studio and post-production facilities. Our Film, Television and Digital Production course is partnered with Pinewood Studios and supported by scholarships from Oscar winning movie producer, David Puttnam. 

Working in partnership, with a diverse range of companies - from TEDxBristol to the VR Lab - we make sure our graduates have the skills the South West’s creative industries need. That’s why Bath Spa University students are invited back, every time, to work with TEDxBristol.

Bath Spa University offers a wide range of courses across the arts, sciences, education and business. Our courses help the next generation of creative talent develop the problem solving, creative and people skills they need to that maximise their employability in the 21stcentury workplace. 

Celebrating creativity and big ideas is something we share a passion for with TEDxBristol – we’re delighted to be partnering for a third time.

Black Girl Convention is a movement to ensure that ALL womxn* of African and Caribbean heritage have a sense of home by sharing, shaping, and owning the Black Girl Experience.  

We aim to be the lighthouse for connecting the ‘Black Girl Experience’ cross-culture, cross-sector, and cross-generation in the UK.

Our existence is underpinned by our values of Affirmation, Advancement, Activism and Adventure. 

Dr Mena Fombo, founder and director of Black Girl Convention, spoke at TEDxBristol in 2017, with her brilliant talk No You Cannot Touch My Hair!

Shortly after that the first Black Girl Con event was held. Three years on, Black Girl Con has partnered with TEDxBristol as a Friend of TEDxBristol. As a result of bringing many of the Black Girl Con connections to an Ideas Workshop two speakers for 2019 were discovered.

Black Girl Convention supports TEDxBristol’s value pillar of Fresh Talent 100%.

Blackstar Solutions is a trusted telecoms provider who deliver best-of-breed business communication solutions. At Blackstar, we pride ourselves on having long-established customer relationships. Our 5-star Trustpilot rating speaks volumes for a positive experience and our customer-first approach.

We partnered with TEDxBristol as we believe in the power of sharing innovative ideas and in nurturing new talent. 

TechFusion, a tech expo we organise, connects people and technology through seminars from future tech pioneers and exhibits from innovative tech companies. We were thrilled to have TEDxBristol produce their Reflect, Rethink, Reboot podcast with a diverse group of panellists, covering the future of business technology.   

At Blackstar we believe we are only as strong as our people and we’re invested in nurturing new talent from the South West. We’ve hired and developed apprentices over the last two and a half years. They’ve completed a variety of courses and continue to develop their skills in the telecoms industry. 

We look forward to engaging with the TEDxBristol community and getting involved in their initiatives.  

The Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel enjoys a prime location sitting majestically at the heart of vibrant Bristol city centre. Inspired by the building’s heritage, the 150-year-old historic Victorian-style hotel has recently completed an extensive renovation and promises a premium hotel experience in keeping with its royal name. The elegantly designed suites provide comfort and upgraded amenities to enhance your stay.

Situated in an exceptional location and boasting of its award-winning service, the Bristol Marriott City Centre is your home away from home. With one of best equipped Leisure Clubs in the city centre, the hotel promises well-appointed bedrooms and the Outdoor Urban Terrace is a one-of-a-kind gathering place for friends and family. You can visit them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you're hosting an event in Central Bristol, you have several flexible venues at your disposal. Discover all that this stunning city has to offer as you will be just a short walk from Bristol Cathedral, Cabot Circus shopping centre, Bristol Hippodrome Theatre and Temple Meads train station.

Bristol Old Vic is delighted to be part of TEDxBristol this year and welcome some of the most creative minds in the city through our doors. Last year saw a fundamental shift in Bristol Old Vic’s relationship with its city as the organisation heralded in a new era. A new building was unveiled to transform the front of house into a welcoming place for Bristol to come together and a new Studio theatre to nurture the imaginations of future generations. This is why we have chosen to support the TEDxBristol values of Community Partnership and Fresh Talent.
Having a space in which a community can share experiences, imagination and innovation is something we have championed for over 250 years. Our building exists in order for people from every part of the city to discover the endless possibilities when we come together and share ideas. Working alongside TEDxBristol feels like the perfect addition to our ongoing exploration of what a regional theatre can offer its community. We can’t wait to see what ideas are discovered and conversations sparked through this collaboration.

Buzzin Digital is a bespoke digital & social media marketing company, based in the South West specialising in creating bespoke video, audio & digital content for a range of organisations.

Having been part of the TEDxBristol team in the past, getting involved again was an easy decision. Especially as they were a huge influence behind the concept, ethos and development of Buzzin Digital.

The message of Reflect:Rethink:Reboot is fundamental to our everyday life. Combined with the experiences, technology & resilience that so many of us have it can literally help anyone make a change to their own, or someone else’s world. 

TEDxBristol’s Smart Planet value pillar represents everything that Buzzin Digital believes. Being part of the tech & digital media community, we want to help spread the messages by embracing & encouraging the use of technology & digital media in a beneficial way.

Part of the family, we’re delighted to be a part of TEDxBristol 2019. In 2017 our founder Natalie Fee was a speaker. We’re supporting TEDxBristol to go zero waste and looking forward to sharing positive solutions to some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

City To Sea supports Smart Planet as we champion reuse over single-use plastic waste matching what TEDxBristol is encouraging for 2019 to inspire change. Everyday people doing extraordinary things; using our skills, discovering new ones to create a more beautiful world – that’s CTS. We exist to awaken active hope and champion practical solutions to protect our wildlife, rivers and seas.

The Refill Campaign is estimated to have prevented 100 million plastic bottles from entering our waste steam in 2019 and Switch the Stick, which persuaded all supermarkets to replace plastic stemmed cotton buds with paper, stops over 478 tonnes of single-use plastic being produced each year!

City to Sea is an environmental not-for-profit campaigning to stop plastic pollution. CTS’s vision is for the world's waterways and coastlines to be strewn with sticks, sand and seaweed … not plastic! 

Ideas move quickly and emerging innovation often leads to developments and disruptions in commercial law.

At Clarke Willmott Solicitors, we like to work with the game-changers who are pushing the boundaries. That’s why we have joined TEDxBristol as a Fresh Talent Partner, so we can mingle with some of the best creative and tech talent in the South West. It keeps us on our toes and we enjoy helping young businesses blossom.

Our solicitors can support you with all the legal advice you need to stay ahead of the game and take your early stage business to the next level. We are currently developing an online tool to help growth businesses identify what their legal priorities should be. This will be available on our website mid-Autumn 2019.

We are delighted to be a TEDxBristol 2019 Partner and wholeheartedly support the Fresh Talent values.

The world of travel inspiration is changing.  Word of mouth through friends and family is the most trusted source of destination information, inspiring people to visit new places and having new experiences.  Social media is a further extension of this word of mouth and the story telling element of TEDxBristol is at the heart of how we develop and nurture the city region narrative for the visitor, then using social channels to share the information.

Sharing pictures, stories, itineraries and experiences with others, inspire them to seek these out for themselves.
Visit Bristol is the travel and tourism team at Destination Bristol – a not for profit organisation who, along with the Meet Bristol Convention Bureau, drive visitors to the city region from the UK and overseas promoting and developing Bristol’s visitor economy.

Dial A Geek is an IT support company based in Bedminster, Bristol. Their mission is to help businesses meet their goals with the use of tech. They install IT infrastructures and support SMEs in Bristol and the surrounding area, with over 700 clients on their books.
We first decided to support TEDxBristol in 2017, as we LOVE positive disruption (of lousy IT solutions that stand in the way of companies reaching their business dreams; of outdated systems that are unexciting and inefficient; of the stereotype of boring, unsociable IT technicians).
We are very pleased to be partnering with TEDxBristol again this year. TEDxBristol’s Smart Planet value pillar is completely in line with our mission of promoting sustainability in IT. We’d especially like to focus on the ideas of paperless office and providing refurbished computers only as a green alternative to brand new equipment. Each refurbished laptop saves 350 kg of carbon!

Diverse Insights is excited to re-partner with TEDxBristol to deliver a truly inclusive and diverse conversation through supporting the Community in Partnership programme.

We are experienced in connecting communities with business and broadcasters to have their voices heard, championing new talent and creating opportunities for young people in the arts and creative industries.

The values of TEDxBristol resonate with our work; ensuring diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of the conversation.

We are proud to work with them, making TEDxBristol 2019 a place where every corner of Bristol is inspired and touched, allowing space and opportunity, to rethink, reflect and reboot.


DoesItFeelGood.com is a social impact video production company created by a travelling filmmaking couple, Sonia and Ben. 

We have chosen to partner up with TEDxBristol 2019 as we've been following TEDxBristol's journey since 2015, and the way they pick and develop local talent has been truly fantastic.

We don't know anyone else in Bristol who does it like they do - providing a platform for speakers aged 18 to 75 to share their stories not because they were born with speaking skills equal to experienced politicians, but because they had this spark of creativity and positive disruption they wanted to cause in their environment.

TEDxBristol finds, nurtures and develops local talent, and seeks horizontal and vertical diversity.

As we are quite fresh talent ourselves, we fully support this pillar of TEDxBristol values. 

Growing up as two millennials, we have noticed there is quite a lot of good things happening in the world today, but it's easy to get overwhelmed by the bad. This is why we decided to start making films about people and organisations that help inspire others - young or old, local and global, in the UK and beyond.

We want to bring stories that feel good to social media and spread the word about opportunities that can help shape who you are.

We are passionate about the world we live in and we want to change it with our videos, so let us make them about you!

We’re a firm of accountants, business advisors and Xero specialists based in Bristol and Bath. Established in 2013 with the simple aim of providing ambitious businesses with hands-on finance support and FD-level strategic advice. 
The importance TEDxBristol places on Community in Partnership aligns deeply with our values here at FD Works. Using our expertise we’ve supported a variety of growing start-ups, scalable businesses and established companies across Bristol and the wider South West. 
We believe in collaboration; sharing tools, expertise and networks with those we work with. Understanding that success comes from committed relationships that are mutually beneficial and sustainable for all in the long-term.

“Our Design Method" – Ideas start with a sketch. Autocad crunches the numbers then we hand-build every project with a flexible, friendly and adaptive approach. We pride ourselves on our ability to sketch concepts and ideas then translate them into detailed drawings for production. CAD plans allow the customer to visualise their project throughout the process.

"Our Work Ethic" – We like to get our hands dirty. Our aim is to make life simple, often with very complicated production schedules. Our clients trust our quality work ethic and lifetime knowledge. We work quickly, efficiently and have a highly motivated, dedicated team. The secret is to make it look effortless.

"Building Great Relationships" – Cutting edge production. Flat Earth is a complete one stop shop for design & construction. In-house manufacturing allows us to control and produce the best results. Years of experience have given us a great insight into materials, construction methods and attention to detail. Projects range from; Conferences, Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, Corporate Parties & Events, Theatre, Bespoke, Film & TV.

It's all about performance! ...You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Glisser is an award-winning presentation software, integrated audience response system and event analytics platform.

Our audience participation app shares slides from presentations to personal devices instantly, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience.

Being an audience response system for live events is a great result for TEDxBristol 2019 resulting from our partnership.

Healthy Leads is a marketing agency with ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ at the heart of how we work. Our primary focus is Facebook advertising and our approach is to give everything away up front. We work with ethical organisations who are already running ads and show them how to get a higher return / make more impact for their money.
TEDxBristol’s values of Community Partnership and Smart Planet align deeply with ours. When they asked us to help them it was a no-brainer. Our business is designed to tread very lightly on the planet. We always look to find local opportunities where possible. We've helped some great West Country organisations already, and are excited to get to know more through this fantastic TEDxBristol community.

Jon Craig is a Bristol based photographer documenting life in our vibrant city, covering events, corporates shoots, working with the Press and many PR agencies. He is TEDxBristol’s official photographer for 2019.

His photographic work expands into landscape and street photography covering the glitz and glamour of the Bristol through to VIPs, general street life, the occasional wedding, riots or whatever catches his eye.

Jon is a well-rounded photographer with a natural talent for organising people at large events to working discreetly behind the scenes on a film or theatre set.

Bristol’s calendar has been especially eventful this year and Jon has been at a perfect vantage point at every important occasion, from the Centenary of the Suspension Bridge to the launch of Green Capital and the Harbourside Festival. He has taken aerial shots of Bristol from hot air balloons and even captured a candid moment with George Ferguson while working as his official photographer during his election campaign.

He just loves working a s part of TEDxBristol’s team creating brilliant memories with those iconic pics.

A graphic designer originating from Devon inspired by vibrant colours and geometry, Lewis Osborne graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in Graphic Communication with Typography. Specialising in branding and identity, Lewis works on projects with the goal of bringing brands to life. Lewis lives in Bristol continuing to use his artistic flare to create work that is impactful and memorable.
I heard from a friend that TEDxBristol was looking for designer to help create a new brand identity. I was interested to work with TEDxBristol due to its large presence and the knowledge that they bring to our society. Having been a fan of TED for years, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. 
The idea for the logo stemmed from references to technological advancements. Using a circuit board style line cutting through a section of the word Reboot alludes to a system restarting and updating. This idea fits in with the ideologies that I feel TEDxBristol represents, a collection of new ideas and ways of solving problems creatively. 

Sauce is a cloud based video creation platform enabling brands to create authentic video with their teams and community. The Sauce platform powers the sharing of ideas and collaboration, putting community at the heart of a brands voice through video. We share TEDxBristol’s spirit of ideas worth spreading. So we’re extremely excited to support TEDxBristol in discovering the disruptors of today and sharing their amazing ideas and discoveries with the world.

Secret Weapon Presentations – Your Unfair Advantage: As a specialist presentation company based in Bristol, being a Friends of TEDxBristol 2019 Partner is a no-brainer.

For the past 20 years we have assisted presenters around the world uncover and deliver their unique stories. We have amplified these stories by designing the most compelling, enthralling visual aids possible.  

The Fresh Talent Partnership aligns with our passion to nurture the next generation of emerging talent. To allow those that have never given any public talks before the opportunity to build in confidence and develop these invaluable skills going forward. 

Having the opportunity to engage with the latest cutting-edge ideas shaping our city and community was a one we couldn’t afford to pass up. We know that when an idea that truly is worth spreading gets an audience to believe and take action anything is possible!

Smith & Williamson is one of the UK’s top 10 accounting firms and a leading investment management business. The Bristol office is home to around 190 people offering an exceptionally broad range of financial services to individuals and businesses across the West of England and beyond.
We encourage our staff to engage and support the social fabric of our city and beyond through our CSR activity. For example, we recently supported the Aldridge Institute for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship’s inaugural Elevate summer school in Bristol. 35 students from academies run by the Aldridge Foundation, which operates schools in several deprived parts of the UK, took part in a 5 day event supported by staff from Smith & Williamson and NatWest.
We know the TEDxBristol team are as passionate about nurturing new talent as we are and are therefore delighted to be supporting this year’s event and wish them every success.

TrueStart Coffee is wild about spreading innovative ideas, so becoming a key partner of TEDxBristol was a natural decision for us, with a particular focus on the community and smart planet initiatives.

TrueStart Coffee is a ‘wild for life’ young Bristol brand that makes incredibly refreshing ethical, award-winning cold brew coffee drinks bursting with flavour. They have no sugar, no calories and nothing artificial. TrueStart Cold Brew Coffee is vegan, Rainforest Alliance certified and sourced from where their founder Helena used to live in South America.

Proudly independent, family run and packed with good vibes, TrueStart believes in having it all - you can feel on top of the world while doing good for the world. So, liberate yourself to do the unexpected. Jump into extraordinary and make a splash.

Women’s Tech Hub was set up to be a support network for women in the tech industry, to share information and signpost to other great supportive networks and to collaborate on great initiatives.  TEDxBristol is one of those great initiatives – giving voice to people and ideas that need to be heard.

We support the tech-curious, returners and industry as we live in a world that is increasingly tech-enabled we believe that everyone should be working with, in or simply tech aware to help enable everyone to solve problems and improve our lives. This has to be inclusive so regardless of social, gender, ethnicity or anything else that can be used as a barrier, we should all have access and knowledge which is a shared passion we have with TEDxBristol. Women’s Tech Hub are more than excited to partner with TEDxBristol as a Community Partner. 

We would be delighted to talk with you about the opportunity to partner with TEDxBristol.

Benefits to you:

  • brilliant brand assciation
  • perfect for profile raising
  • exclusive B2B events

Which of our value pillars most aligns and resonates with your organisation's values?

  • Community Partnership
  • Fresh Talent
  • Smart Planet

Our theme for 2019 is Reflect: Rethink: Reboot.

What would be the value and the value add to you that our partnership could bring? How together could we design the best possible outcome for you?

Email partnerships@TEDxBristol.com for more information.