Dare to Disrupt

Dare To Disrupt with TEDxBristol on 2 & 3 November 2017 at Colston Hall

TEDxBristol: Dare To Disrupt returns to Colston Hall with two jam-packed days of inspirational talks, break-out workshops and ideas that could change the world. The theme DareToDisrupt focuses on Bristol's positive disruptors, whose ideas and actions are ripping up the rule book and having a global impact.

Thurs 2nd November: Disruptive Bodies ~ Disruptive Minds - From physical bodies that don’t look or work the way they are ‘supposed to’ to new or controversial ways of thinking, dreaming and challenging: these are personal stories of positive disruption.

Fri 3rd November - Disruptive Innovation ~ Disruptive Planet - Speakers will share more public and collaborative stories and will argue that some of the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges can only be tackled by collective action and disrupting at scale.


Day One: Disruptive Bodies, Disruptive Minds

Martyn Ashton – Free Wheeling: Why You Don’t Need Legs to Ride a Bike

Nura Aabe – No More Us and Them: Disrupting Attitudes Towards Autism

Charles Radclyffe - Three Steps to Survive the Robot Revolution

Mena Fombo – No.You Cannot Touch My Hair

Esther Crawley – Disrupting your View of ME

Alan Bec – Wellbeing: Talking In Numbers

Antonia Forster – LGBTQ & Poly in Animals - Yes It’s Natural!

Joshua Luke Smith - The World Within: Why Dealing with the Heart of the Matter Begins with Dealing with Matters of the Heart”

 Plus entertainment


Day Two: Disruptive Innovation, Disruptive Planet

Anna Starkey – Why We Need a Culture of Curiosity

Dr Clive Colledge – Why Baby Boomers, Millennials, and GenerationX Don’t Exist

Dr Madge Dresser – Good People, Hate Groups, and History

David McGoran – How Avant-Garde Robots Will Help Us Survive This Century

Natalie Fee – Changing The World: One Flush At A Time

Kelsey Hoppe – Where Is Safe?

Bex Baxter - Ending a Workplace Taboo. Period.

Clayton Planter – Learn The Legal Hustle

 Plus entertainment

For full info - see speaker biographies here

The two day schedule is here


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Great Expectations

TEDxBristol 'Great Expectations' - 11th November 2015

On 11 November TEDxBristol 2015 played to a sell-out audience at Colston Hall, trended 7th in the UK on Twitter and reached 2.7 million people online. Thank you to those who joined us for a thought-provoking and inspiring day.

Our talks are online on our YouTube site, please share them, like them and tell us what you think of them!

TEDxBristol 2015 was all about our Great Expectations for the future. From all walks of life our speakers entertained and inspired a packed Colston Hall with stories of unwavering determination, mind-blowing innovation and great personal challenges. Compered by BBC DIY SOS’s master builder Mark Millar, it was a day packed with brilliant ideas – which reflected the relentless optimism and can-do approach so native to Bristol.

Speaker Line Up:

Dr Dawn Harper – The Fat of the Matter
She’s seen more naked bodies than we’ve had hot dinners but now she’s on a one woman mission to banish ‘modern lifestyle’ disease.

Jess Ratty – Crowd-sourcing: A Passion for Progress
Jess is the brand communications manager at Crowdfunder and will reveal the paradigm shift from top down to grassroots decision-making when it comes to what WE want.

Professor Kate Pullinger – A Very Modern Memorial
Bath based digital fiction writer and winner of numerous prizes and accolades, Kate tells the Unknown Solider story – a project that revived our imaginations and love of creative writing last year.

Patrick Aryee – How the Chicken Cured Cancer
In chasing the chicken across the road to get it to the other side, cancer biologist and natural history presenter Patrick reflects on our ability to impact our planet for the greater good.

Kim Ingleby – Embracing Adversity
Defying adversity in the face of Weil disease and Encephalitis, Kim shares her powerful message of resilience through the connection between mind and body, in order to love the soul.

David Sloly – Change your Story; Change your World
David shares secrets of how to create our own powerful stories and how they will help us achieve our personal goals and ambitions.

Al Crisci MBE – Dinner in the Clink
Al whets our appetite with thought provoking stories from his journey to challenge prisoner perception and recounts his revolutionary role in rehabilitation.

Dr Paul Bremner Via Avatar – Being There, Even When We Can’t Be There
A TEDx first, a talk presented using a tele-operated humanoid robot that replicates the movements of its human operator, showcasing the amazing applications of this technology.

Meabh Quoirin – Feeling Emojinal? The New Social Network
Meabh is a trends-spotter, and MD of Future Foundation. She’ll explore how a more emotional web will affect our future online experiences and relationships.

Lynne Elvins – My Two Mums (AKA The Myths Of Gay Adoption)
Lynne shares her very personal ‘modern day family’ story to reveal how society is changing it’s attitude to gay people becoming parents and ultimately, how love conquers all.

Daniel Edmund – Life Doesn’t Have To Be Short
Daniel is a young entrepreneur tackling the difficult issue of male suicide, explaining what he’s doing to bring about culture-change, find positive role models and promote a passion for life.

Jane Evans – Taming And Tending Your Meerkat Brain
Jane is a Trauma Parenting and Behaviour Expert who has developed a simple but brilliant way to help us nurture our young people and explain this difficult world to them.

Kirsty Cockburn – Responding To The Unexpected: Why Media Matters
Kirsty talks about her first-hand experience of a natural disaster and how media and communications can radically change responses and outcomes in a crisis.

Tom Savage – Is Ambition Killing Us?
Hear what high-achieving Bristol based entrepreneur Tom discovered in his quest to find ‘simplicity’ whilst running his big data company from a tent, in a field, in Somerset.



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TEDxBristol was held on Monday 11th November 2013 at Bristol’s iconic Colston Hall, the event sold out with 1,000 delegates attending. Our theme this year: Failure.

From science to circus acts, relationships to videogames, fitness to space – we invited our speakers to plumb the depths of their varied and extensive experiences, with each story and perspective shedding new light on one of the most powerful words in the world – ‘failure’.

But it wasn’t just the speakers, there was plenty of opportunity for our audience to explore their own failures and the failures of those around them at our Failure Swapshop and Photo Booth of Fail throughout the day.

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Future Shock

Saturday 15th September saw the convergence of people and ideas at Bristol’s M Shed. After months of preparation the day was finally upon us and it was all to play for! Not only did we have some fine speakers and performers but we were lucky enough to have a great view of Bristol from the top of the M Shed museum.

The event commenced with introductory videos on the TEDx phenomena, the idea of radical openness and some futuristic poetry from Bristol-based spoken word artist, Greg Bryce.

Our first two speakers, Stephen Hilton of Futures Group and Penny West of Knowle West Media, discussed local themes regarding Bristol and paid special attention to future community engagement. Stephen showed us the video that showcased Bristol’s bid for European Green Capital. As he explained we came second in the end (behind Copenhagen) which wasn’t bad considering the fact Bristol was competing with many larger cities around Europe!

Our next two speakers took more technological futuristic themes. Ian Forrester of BBC’s Research and Technology explained the concept of ‘Perceptive Media’ and how media will be personalised to the end- user. Professor Alan Winfield of Bristol University Robotics Lab illustrated the challenges faced in creating a robot with human characteristics. Bicentennial Man may be some time off unfortunately!

During the break people had a chance to have a look at a 3D printer demo by Sysemia Ltd over a cup of tea and biscuits.

Our following speakers took more environmental themes. Dr Steven Lake showcased his documentary ‘Drying For Freedom’ in which he champions the use of clotheslines as opposed to tumble-driers! Jacqui Reeves of Fairshare informed us of community projects to reduce food waste and discussed the current scale of food wastage. John Troyer of Bath University talked to us about Death and how future cemeteries would have QR codes and augmented reality. This talk was a bit on the morbid side but positively informative at the same time!

The event then took another technological twist with Tre Azam of Myndplay. He talked to us about ‘mind control’ (though not in too much of a scary way) and showcased his mind-controlled movie and video platform. According to Tre’s research free-runners have the best mind control skills. We suppose they’d have to as they find themselves running or falling into things more often if they didn’t!

Performers Mike and Matt of the Play People then entertained us with the concept of ‘FutureShack’; an impenetrable home which could survive anything from an earthquake to a nuclear attack though seemed to be lacking just about everything else!

Next up was self-confessed aerospace geek, Colin Sirett of Airbus. His talk discussed the challenges of ‘future flight’ both from a perspective of meeting environmental issues and consumer demand. Social Entrepreneur, Ali Parsa then discussed themes of business vision and mobilising people for action and social good. Dr Steve Simpson and Judith Randel returned to environmental and sociological themes on ‘our impact on the world’s oceans’ and ‘Global Poverty Eradication’ respectively. Daniel Steeves’ talk on the ‘translating technology’ focused on cloud technology and data creation…. with the help of one or two gardener and cleaner metaphors! The last talk was given by Jaya Chakrabarti discussing the Bristol Manifesto along with her great affection for Bristol (and not so much for Watford where she is from!).

Spoken word artists, Jane Mcleod and Greg Bryce, rounded the event off with some poetry they had written during the event…. about the event.

After an action-pack day of idea-sharing some of us went over to Bordeaux Quay across the water for a casual drink. Phew!!! Roll on next year!

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The World Around Us

On the 8th September, 2011 TEDxBristol, an independently organized TED event, introduced some of Bristol's most fascinating thinkers and doers to a world stage at the newly opened M-Shed, Bristol.

TEDxBristol was organised around the theme of ‘the world around us’ with a particular focus on creativity, innovation & sustainability. The event featured a showcase of the region’s leading thinkers, innovators, artists, philosophers and social business leaders representing such diverse fields as social enterprise, sustainable food, green energy, engineering, education, visual and digital art and game design among others.

”The event was a great success,” said TEDxBristol Licencee and Curator Karl Hakeem Belizaire who applied and received the TEDx license. “TEDxBristol is a platform for sharing inspiration and is all about a passion for ideas. We believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world around us”

One hundred participants were selected to experience the TEDx revolution. The event was also webcast around the world, as viewed by over 4,000 people world-wide, from the United States, Russia, Poland, Japan and even Australia!

TEDxBristol would like to extend a serious amount of gratitude to all of the speakers, volunteers and partners who worked tirelessly to ensure TEDxBristol was a historic and exceptional event for the City and County of Bristol.

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