A podcast series about not just surviving, but thriving in uncertain times. 

Each episode showcases the breakthrough thinking, the innovation and the people who are pushing the boundaries in this moment of global uncertainty, polarised opinion and political upheaval. Hear from our friends, members of the TEDxBristol team and TEDxBristol speakers as we go on a journey to meet the people in Bristol and the South West who are modifying the brief and creating positive change.

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Speaker Stories pt 3: Drew Benvie

05 November 2019

Meet 2019 speaker Drew Benvie. Drew is on a mission to save social media, his online life started in the 1990s way before social media had even been born. How did social media to go to where it is today? How do we keep it in check? And drew shares his hopes for a more positive future for our relationship with social media.

Speaker Stories pt 2: Aisha Thomas

28 October 2019

Meet 2019 speaker Aisha Thomas. A born a bred Bristolian, Aisha started out studying law but a chance meeting with a young offender changed her whole outlook on what she wanted to do with her life. She’s now a leading figure in the region’s education system. Hear Aisha reflect on her & her mother’s experiences as black female teachers in one of the UK's most racially segregated cities.

Speaker Stories pt 1: Chloe Ball-Hopkins

21 October 2019

Meet 2019 speaker Chloe Ball-Hopkins. Chloe is a freelance journalist, archery champion and a student. She’s also a wheelchair user on a mission to find out why such a large sector of society is still invisible to retailers. Hear what inspired Chloe and find out what makes an idea worth sharing on a TEDxBristol stage.

The Future of Food

08 August 2019

Our attitudes to food consumption and production are at odds with the impact they’re having on the environment. How can we make sure that we’re able to feed an ever-growing population in a world with a changing climate and huge inequality? Former TEDxBristol speaker and environmental campaigner Natalie Fee goes on a journey of discovery to find out how our future relationship with food can be a sustainable one.

Bristol - Startup City

10 July 2019

What makes Bristol and the south west of England such a special place when it comes to tech startups and what can the rest of the world learn from this corner of the UK? In this episode we take a look at our home town's vibrant tech startup scene, Sarah Keates meets some of the founders and startups who are helping Bristol and the south west of England compete on the world stage.

What Makes A Man?

05 April 2019

What does it mean to be a man in 2019 and how can our relationships with masculinity help to shape gender equality? TEDxBristol's Gareth Evans meets Daniel Edmund, a former TEDxBristol speaker. Hear his story about how he has ploughed a lifetime of personal experiences into a mission to help men discover their true identities, break down barriers and progress gender equality.