Dare To Disrupt with TEDxBristol on 2 & 3 November 2017 at Colston Hall

TEDxBristol: Dare To Disrupt returns to Colston Hall with two jam-packed days of inspirational talks, break-out workshops and ideas that could change the world. The theme DareToDisrupt focuses on Bristol's positive disruptors, whose ideas and actions are ripping up the rule book and having a global impact.

Thurs 2nd November: Disruptive Bodies ~ Disruptive Minds - From physical bodies that don’t look or work the way they are ‘supposed to’ to new or controversial ways of thinking, dreaming and challenging: these are personal stories of positive disruption.

Fri 3rd November - Disruptive Innovation ~ Disruptive Planet - Speakers will share more public and collaborative stories and will argue that some of the world’s biggest and most urgent challenges can only be tackled by collective action and disrupting at scale.


Day One: Disruptive Bodies, Disruptive Minds

Martyn Ashton – Free Wheeling: Why You Don’t Need Legs to Ride a Bike

Nura Aabe – No More Us and Them: Disrupting Attitudes Towards Autism

Charles Radclyffe - Three Steps to Survive the Robot Revolution

Mena Fombo – No.You Cannot Touch My Hair

Esther Crawley – Disrupting your View of ME

Alan Bec – Wellbeing: Talking In Numbers

Antonia Forster – LGBTQ & Poly in Animals - Yes It’s Natural!

Joshua Luke Smith - The World Within: Why Dealing with the Heart of the Matter Begins with Dealing with Matters of the Heart”

 Plus entertainment


Day Two: Disruptive Innovation, Disruptive Planet

Anna Starkey – Why We Need a Culture of Curiosity

Dr Clive Colledge – Why Baby Boomers, Millennials, and GenerationX Don’t Exist

Dr Madge Dresser – Good People, Hate Groups, and History

David McGoran – How Avant-Garde Robots Will Help Us Survive This Century

Natalie Fee – Changing The World: One Flush At A Time

Kelsey Hoppe – Where Is Safe?

Bex Baxter - Ending a Workplace Taboo. Period.

Clayton Planter – Learn The Legal Hustle

 Plus entertainment

For full info - see speaker biographies here

The two day schedule is here